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Android Anti Fragmentation Agreement

08 Abr Android Anti Fragmentation Agreement

In a statement of grievances released today, the European Commission states that Google has breached cartel and abuse rules by requiring “manufacturers to pre-install Google`s Google search and Google`s Chrome browser, and that they must define Google search as the default search service on their devices, as a condition for licensing certain Google proprietary applications.” , preventing manufacturers from selling smart mobile devices based on competing operating systems. based on Android`s Open Source code” and “giving financial incentives to manufacturers and the mobile network” provided they pre-install Google search only on their devices.” But the longer-term danger could arise if Google loses control of how and where Android is distributed. “It opens the door to more competition and it could be more difficult to control the fragmentation of Android,” Blaber says. And there`s a precedent. As law professor Simonetta Vezzoso of the University of Trento argued in a paper published last week, Google has reached a similar agreement with the Russian Competition Authority in 2017. It had to lift restrictions on pre-installing competing search engines on Android phones and introduce a browser choice screen. The screen was launched last August. By the end of the following month, the share of google search engines on Android devices had dropped by 3 percent. If you want to get an idea of how fast these investigations are moving, the Google Shopping case has been going on for more than six years. Vestager prefers to work with companies rather than with them and uses the threat of 10-digit fines to encourage them to change their behaviour. (With both cases, Google is actually with an 11-figure fine of nearly $15 billion). Expect Google and the EU to argue a lot about the details and eventually agree over the next decade.

Google has already been investigated over MADA in South Korea, and the country`s two main search engines, Naver and Daum, have said the deal violates antitrust laws. In 2013, the company was laundered all fees by the FTC. Google has agreed to change Android in response to the European Commission`s $3.8 billion competitive fine. The changes can change the operating system forever “You can`t manufacture any of these non-compliant devices,” the senior employee told Protocol. This type of contract is different from all other partnership contracts in the sector, he said.

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