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Be Cooperative Agreement

12 Sep Be Cooperative Agreement

A cooperation agreement is a type of project in which joint action or cooperation between the federal awarding agency and the recipient during the implementation of the project is deemed necessary or desirable for the project to be successfully implemented. An executive agency uses a grant agreement as a legal instrument that reflects a relationship between the U.S. government and a state, local government, or other recipient when such cooperation is programmatic and may provide benefits (e.g..B. technical and technical skills) that are not otherwise available to the recipient. Ultimately, cooperation agreements provide assistance and establish relationships between the organizations and the sponsor, in which both parties pursue commonly declared goals or activities. There are also legal implications of these different agreements, so read the agreements carefully and discuss them with lawyers. The winner will work closely with USGS staff and researchers to enhance high-performance scientific computing and scientific visualization capabilities through research into new scientific computing tools, new methods, and large-scale data management techniques. Both cooperation agreements and grants “transfer anything of value from the federal agency or Pass Through to the non-federal agency to fulfill a public purpose.” Within the framework of the cooperation agreements, a significant participation is expected between the NIJ and the winner. The Fellow must cooperate with the awarded NIJ Grant Manager, who is the authorized representative of NIJ responsible for the proper management of the prize.

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