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Camper Rental Agreement

13 Sep Camper Rental Agreement

The tenant must print the lease in his language of use via his Yescapa account so that both parties have the same inventory. Both parties must write in their respective languages. You can ask Yescapa for help in case of language problems during our opening hours. The owner must put back, drive and clean a vehicle in perfect condition, checking all the steps, tire pressure and a full tank of fuel, sufficient gas levels for the duration of the trip, a clean cassette, emptied gray water, interior and exterior cleaning. By taking the vehicle, unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement before departure, the renter implies that the vehicle is in good working and driving order and that the cleaning is satisfactory. If the rent has to be interrupted as a result of a breakdown due to the abuse of the driver or if it is still not known who is responsible, the tenant cannot request the refund of the rent. If the renter wishes to rent a replacement vehicle to continue their journey, the new renter will take full advantage of it. The owner undertakes to rent his vehicle in the best possible state of cleanliness. If the renter does not agree with the state of cleanliness of the vehicle, it is necessary to indicate it on the starting inventory sheet in the box provided for this purpose. It is then recommended that the owner take the time to readjust the condition of his vehicle. If, after this cleaning or the proposal, the renter still refuses the vehicle made available, the cleanliness of the vehicle can not be used as a valid reason to cancel the rent and no refund to the tenant is possible: the owner receives his remuneration as originally planned. If the owner does not wish to clean his vehicle and the renter refuses to take it, it is up to the renter to provide proof of the non-conformity of the state of cleanliness (photos, videos …): these must be sent as soon as possible by e-mail to yescapa. The tenant must cancel the rent immediately before the last hour of the first day of rental (theoretical day of departure) via his Yescapa account.

If Yescapa considers that the vehicle was not in perfect cleanliness, the platform reserves the right to request a full refund from the owner. The renter has the right to refuse the rental if the main characteristics of the vehicle do not correspond to the description of the display offered on the Yescapa platform. The vehicle must match the interior/exterior photos on the Yescapa website. In the event of a dispute, the renter must provide proof of the non-conformity of the vehicle (photos, videos, etc.). The renter must ensure the proper functioning of the vehicle and all its equipment during the inventory of fixtures of departure. By taking possession of the vehicle, the renter begins the rental and cannot demand from Yescapa a refund or a commercial gesture concerning the condition of the vehicle. This rental is expressly agreed and accepted in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. The parties undertake to carry out a thorough check of the inventory of the vehicle when it is rented and returned. Both documents are signed by both parties.

The burden of proof lies with the party challenging the accuracy of the inventory form. SignNow`s web-based program has been specifically designed to simplify workflow organization and improve the entire competent document management process. Use this step-by-step guide to fill out the basic Rv rental agreement form quickly and with perfect accuracy….

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