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Cardiff Council Tenancy Agreement

14 Sep Cardiff Council Tenancy Agreement

Safe and flexible tenants can transfer a rental agreement to someone else or, in certain circumstances, transfer a rental agreement to someone if they die. Some safe and flexible rental agreements granted from April 1, 2012 may mean that you can transfer or pass on your rental more than once – check your lease. You can apply for a joint lease at any time if you are married or in a registered partnership. As a general rule, you must have lived together for at least 12 months if you are a couple or a parent (such as sibling). If you are a tenant of a municipality or housing company, please contact your landlord to talk about your possibilities or an independent consulting agency. Your lease is a legal document and informs you of all the rules relating to life in your property. Rental succession is the process of transferring a lease to another person when a tenant dies. Warranty leases granted before April 1, 2012 can only be transferred or passed on once. For example, if you take out a rental agreement, if someone dies, you can`t pass the lease on to someone else if you die. Different Council tenants have different rentals. These give you different rights and duties. At the end of the fixed period, the Council may decide that if there is no spouse or partner, the lease can sometimes be transferred to another family member. Here are some examples of the types of rental you could use with us: if only one of you wants to end the tenancy and the other wants to remain a tenant in the property, your board can explain their reasons if they decide not to renew your lease and give you the opportunity to challenge the decision.

There are limits to what you can do with an introductory rental agreement, for example you can`t: if you rent a property to several people and each of them has an individual lease with you, the property is classified for communal tax purposes as a multi-occupancy house. As the owner, you are responsible for the payment of the municipal tax and you receive the invoice. As a flexible tenant, you have a rental agreement for a fixed period. This is usually for at least 5 years, although in some cases it can be between 2 and 5 years. In the event of the death of a tenant, the lease is continued for the surviving tenant(s). As a safe tenant, you can normally stay in the property for the rest of your life, unless you violate the terms of the lease. To transfer a rental contract, fill out a “Lease Assignment Request” form available from the housing department of your municipal administration. The rules relating to the succession of rentals are quite complicated and you always have to check the lease and get advice. You usually have a secure Scottish lease if you rent your house to the municipality, housing corporation or housing co-operative in Scotland. In the case of a joint lease, all tenants have the same responsibility. After 12 months, you will automatically be a safe or flexible tenant, unless your municipality has: an introductory rental contract can be offered to new tenants of the Council. These usually last 12 months and are like a “trial phase”.

If you and your partner divorce or your relationship breaks down and you can`t agree on who will have the lease, a court can decide. . . .

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