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Cesa Sub-Consultancy Agreement

08 Abr Cesa Sub-Consultancy Agreement

3 The main objective of the 2013 SUPPLEMENT is to update the practices and procedures described in THE 2010 PCES Guide in light of developments, policy changes and areas that need to be improved or updated since 2013. SUPPLEMENT follows the same order as the chapters of the 2010 PCES guide, with key changes described below:CHAPTER 1: LIFE CYCLE Project titleThe chapter has been amended. The figure of the 9 elements of the project`s life cycle is examined in more detail. A comment was added to describe the elements in which the consulting engineer`s design departments play a critique 2: CONSULTING engineering SERVICES AND ATTRIBUTES. 2 The 2013 SUPPLEMENT continues to contain the requirements of existing legislation, including the Construction Sector Charter, and the requirements of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) Guidelines for Services and Procedures for Estimating Royalties for Persons Registered under the Engineering Act 2000 (ECSA 2013 Guideline). In addition, the range of services published by the Professional Consultants Services Agreement Committee (PROCSA) is introduced to provide clients with a broader choice in determining the services required for the board, reflecting the use of 2013 SUPPLEMENT terminology, in accordance with the terminology and methodology of the ECSA, PROCSA and CIDB documentation. You can now generate and purchase your CESA (Forms of Agreement and Professional Services Agreement) contracts online. You will receive a unique electronic document. Click here to get started. This agreement is between “consultant” and “sub-consultant” … 10 It includes all chapters and sections in the original purchasing guideline published in 2010 and 2011 (PCES 2010).

Where there is no change, we see that. The SUPPLEMENT 2013 supplement can therefore be used by the reader as the primary means of understanding the justification of the ESC for the acquisition of engineering consulting services that refer to the original PCES guide of 2010. -o0o-5 DEFINITIONSThe definitions (i) to (xlii) contained in the 2010 PCES guide are additional definitions are now included in the SUPPLEMENT 2013 :(xliii) The cost of the project means the same as the cost of the works, as defined in the 2, 010 PCES Guide (xliv) Required Services (or Required Services) means the same thing as the level of performance in the PCES (xlv) Professional Services Contract 2010 means the same thing as the contract or contract at guide PCES 2010 (xlvi) ECSA 2013 the guideline for services and processes for estimating royalties for persons registered under the Engineering Profession Act 2000 (Law 46 of 2000). The role of the consulting engineer during the implementation of the project is a training and reference manual… The buying guide reflects what is now considered good practice… 4 The text that follows the text of Chapter 1 has not been amended. CHAPTER 3 ACQUISITION OF CONSULTING Engineering SERVICESU pdate on CIDB For parastatistical organizations and update the impact of the use of quality (functionality) as a threshold resulting from KZN. Appendix D (Acquisition Cycle Checklist) summarizes 4 SCOPE Focus more important on performance level (otherwise renamed Required Services) and work volume, in reference to the new Appendix F(A), the ECSA 2013 guideline, which clearly states: that customer specifications are typical consulting engineering services, are included on the basis of the ECSA Directive 2013 and the 2013 ECSA Directive and the , but a summary of the current Appendix G is now included in SERVICES SUPPLEMENT 6 VALUE-ADDED Services The SUPPLEMENT emphasizes the role of Quality in ensuring added value and placing royalties in a value creation perspective, with the “ability to influence”.

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