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Sample Lease Agreement For Furnished Apartment

12 Abr Sample Lease Agreement For Furnished Apartment

11. CURRENT STATE. The Tenant has inspected the premises and accepts them in their current state, unless expressly written otherwise, without any assurance from the lessor or his representatives as to the current or future state of these premises. As such, the tenant will complete the “Move-In Checklist” within 24 hours of taking over the premises (with a rental contract or underwritten by the website under “Forms and Documents”. Considering that the landlord wants to rent to tenants and tenants wants to rent premises commonly called rental, it is agreed here: 38. This lease is considered the whole contract and no oral agreement is considered valid unless they are reduced to the letter and indicated. Any insurance, inducement, guarantee, agreement or agreement that is not included in this lease has no effect or effect. This lease can only be modified or amended by an instrument duly signed by both parties. This lease must be interpreted in accordance with The District of Columbia Act. 4. HOLDOVER. This tenancy agreement ends at the end of the agreed term and dates, unless the tenant wishes to remain in the same condition and such an extension of the term and dates requires the tenant to give the landlord at least thirty (30) days of written communication before the expiry date indicated in the tenancy agreement.

Tenants may remain in premises after the rent has expired, with the landlord`s permission; However, a new tenancy agreement is executed to confirm the tenant`s intention to remain on the premises for the documented period that begins the next day, after the expiration of that tenancy. In this suite, the tenant agrees to pay the same monthly rent, plus any increase (s) of the monthly rent legally imposed by the landlord, and all other conditions and arrangements to be maintained and fulfilled. If the tenant remains in the premises after the expiry of this lease or before the termination of the tenancy date before the termination, the tenant agrees to terminate the landlord in writing forty-five (45) days before the evacuation of the premises.

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