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Subsidy Agreement Deutsch

13 Abr Subsidy Agreement Deutsch

For a financial participation to be a grant, it must be paid by or on the instruction of a government or public body located in the territory of a member. Therefore, the SCM agreement applies not only to measures taken by national governments, but also to actions taken by sub-national governments and public bodies such as state-owned enterprises. Part I provides that the SCM agreement applies only to subsidies granted specifically to a company or industry or group of companies or industries and defines both the subsidy and the concept of specificity. In Parts II and III, all specific grants are categorized into two categories: prohibited and applicable (1), and they define specific rules and procedures for each category. Part V defines the physical and procedural requirements that must be met before a member can apply a countervailing measure against subsidized imports. Parts VI and VII define the institutional structure and the modalities for notification and monitoring of the implementation of the SCM Convention. Part VIII contains specific and differentiated treatment rules for different categories of members from developing countries. Part IX contains transitional rules for members of the developed country and the former central plan economy. Parts X and XI include dispute resolution and final rules. The maximum amount of aid per application is 1,000 euros and must therefore be distributed among the number of participants (for example. B a grant of 100 euros for 10 students). The GIZ has three types of funding agreements: grant agreements, funding agreements and funding agreements. The SCM agreement is generally based on the DSU`s dispute settlement rules.

However, the agreement contains specific or additional dispute resolution rules and procedures that include, among other things, expedited procedures, including allegations of prohibited subsidies. It also provides specific mechanisms for collecting the information needed to assess the existence of serious biases in the case of applicable subsidies. The assistance includes counselling, training, purchases of material goods and financing and support mechanisms, local grants and the establishment of dialogue platforms to implement measures to adapt to the effects of climate change.

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