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Un Lima Agreement

14 Abr Un Lima Agreement

If the world remains on the path marked by the recent bilateral agreement between the United States and China on emissions reduction and the Lima agreement, the global average temperature will exceed 2 degrees Celsius. Beyond this threshold, scientists believe, the magnitude of climate change is likely catastrophic. On 11 December, on the eve of the end of the conference, negotiations almost failed when developing countries saw amendments to the draft agreement that had been painstakingly negotiated over the past ten days. The revised draft has given an advantage to industrialized countries, in particular by watering down their responsibilities. UNIDO supports countries in their environmental management efforts, including the implementation of multilateral environmental agreements and the provision of sustainable energy. It contributes to the creation of new green industries, establishes national roadmaps for greening the supply chain, identifies benchmarks and indicators, disseminates best practices, implements clean technology programs, conducts various capacity-building exercises and contributes to international forums with the necessary research and expertise. Chandra Bhushan, deputy director of the New Delhi Center for Science and Environment, called the Lima agreement a major setback for a useful agreement in Paris. “The principle of common but differentiated responsibility and respective capacity (CBDR), the cornerstone of the climate negotiations, has been further watered down and compromised, showing developed countries the way forward to continue their high emissions,” Bhushan said. He added that the Lima summit would be remembered because of the “wrong process, lack of transparency and inclusion.” Sam Smith, the head of climate policy at the World Wildlife Fund, was quoted by the BBC as saying: “The text has gone from low to low and is indeed very weak and, in fact, very weak.” Getting these billions out of poverty while limiting climate change is a challenge that cannot be met within the framework defined in Lima.

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