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Utah Uniform Premarital Agreement Act

14 Abr Utah Uniform Premarital Agreement Act

Marriage is considered by many to be the ultimate stage of a romantic relationship. Statistically, the probability of a first marriage failing is nearly 50%. The idea of a marital agreement or “takeup” to get up before marriage can be uncomfortable and difficult, but in divorce and in certain circumstances, it can significantly reduce the stress, headaches and legal fees associated with the division of property and property. Casey Hoyer of the law firm Hoyer has been supporting couples with marital and post-uptial agreements since 2003 and offers his expertise and advice with your best interest. Call us today at 801-901-0797 to agree on a free consultation. Under Utah`s Uniform Act, a marriage or pre-marriage agreement is “an agreement between potential spouses that is entered into in contemplation of marriage and is effective for marriage.” In Utah, a marriage agreement must be entered into in writing and signed by both parties. It can be implemented without anything being exchanged for the treaty. The Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (UPAA) is a single law on marriage contracts, also known as “pre-marital agreements” and “association agreements.” [1] It was designed in 1983 by the National Conference of Commissioners on The Laws of the State on Uniform to promote greater uniformity and predictability between state laws with respect to pre-marital agreements in an increasingly temporary society. The UPAA was adopted to ensure that a pre-marriage agreement, effectively concluded in one state, is respected by the courts of another state where a couple could obtain a divorce. As in the area of estate and estate planning, in the area of family law (divorce), a little prevention can go a long way. Pre-marital agreements are valuable instruments for those who are contemplating marriage, but who have a considerable pre-marital patrimony and/or considerable gain that they wish to protect against the possibility of divorce. Pre-marital agreements can also be useful tools for those who have children from previous marriages who want to protect their children`s inheritance rights before they marry again.

Chapter 8 of Title 30 of the Utah Code, Utahs Uniforme Premarital Agreement Act, has approved and controlled pre-marriage agreements, which it refers to as “pre-marriage agreements.” The law requires that all pre-marital contracts be written and signed by potential spouses. It provides that potential spouses may be remediated, including through property rights in the course of marriage, the decision of existence in the event of separation or divorce and alimony; but no daycare.

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